We kindly invite you to SAVE THE DATE as the 66th INTERNATIONAL SOFTWOOD CONFERENCE will be organized this year on the 10TH-12TH OCTOBER 2018, in the biggest metropolis in the Baltics – Riga, Latvia.

This year we will offer two-day pre-tour at 9th and 10th of October as a choice of option with the great opportunity to visit sawmills with local capital and Group sawmill enterprises with international approach, and we would like to stress out forest resource topic by opportunity to visit corporate and governmental Nurseries.

As per tradition, the conference will be anticipated by a cocktail reception in the early evening on the 10th October at The Riga Latvian Society house, then conference will officially start at 9 o’clock the following morning at headquarters hotel – Radisson Blu Latvija. And after a full day of work we will be able to enjoy marvellous Gala Dinner together with our partners and colleagues at Blackheads House.

Conference will offer to get market analysis from the perspective of top-class international speakers. The presentations will be focused on facts and figures showing softwood production as well as consumption in the most relevant timber markets such as USA, Canada, North Africa and Egypt, Russia, France, Japan and China.

We will offer an insight view of Confederation of European forest owners on resources with participation of certification system PEFC, FSC representatives, what will be one of the most interesting points of panel discussion of this year’s ISC.

At the end of this ISC we will stress out people resource topic specifically – investment in people, marketplace and recruitment in the future (till 2025).


The 2018 International Softwood conference is hosted by the Latvian Timber Traders & Producers Association, the European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) and the European Organization of the Sawmill Industry (EOS).

The organizers are looking forward to seeing you in Riga, Latvia!