UK TTF and British Woodworking Federation cooperating, not merging

The UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and British Woodworking Federation (BWF) are going ahead with plans to launch a new joint Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI), but they have decided not to continue discussions about a full merger of their organisations.

In a statement released today (March 12, 2015), the TTF said that there was membership support for the CTI as an 'umbrella' body, which would deepen collaboration with the BWF and potentially other UK timber industry bodies. Its focus could include political engagement and lobbying on behalf of the wider timber sector, driving quality and also training and skills development.  As a result, this joint body will be launched on June 10.

However, the talk of a formal merger between the TTF and BWF, which potentially would have created a timber federation (which was also to be called the Confederation of Timber Industries) of over 1,000 members, is now off the table.

"Our governing board has concluded that there is sufficient support across the [supply] chain to launch the CTI without the need to merge the organisational activities of the TTF and BWF into one entitiy," said the TTF President Stephen King. "Discussions relating to the merger have now been suspended and all energy is focussed  on the launch and development of the CTI."

He added that the CTI would have its own chief executive and board.  

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