Networking at ISC – forging business links

Of course delegates will be attending the International Softwood Conference in Amsterdam to hear up-to-the-minute industry insights from the worldwide line-up of expert speakers.

TrekBut the ISC is also a place for interaction and connection, both between speaker and delegate and among delegates too.  It’s an opportunity to talk about the business and make new business links, worldwide.

There will be question and answer opportunities throughout the two-day event to further explore points raised and arguments made in the main presentations. Market and Feedback Workshops will provide further venues for the issues to be analysed in depth and the softwood sector’s outlook to be assessed.
And, of course, it is the place for industry networking; making new contacts and associations, discovering and exploring new business opportunities and potentially establishing relationships with new trading partners.

There is also assistance in place to forge these new connections.  If you want to make contact with a specific company, or link with a business from a certain country or region, Mr. Eric de Munck of the ISC national hosts, the Netherlands Timber Trade Association, will help you find the right name and facilitate an introduction.

As Harry Gras, chairman of the ISC national host the Netherlands Timber Trade Association, said:  “Together with sharing information and highlighting possible solutions for market imbalances, networking is what the ISC is all about. That’s why we invite all members of the European Timber Trade Federation and European Organisation of Sawmill Industries.”

To take advantage of the ISC networking service, contact Mr. Eric de Munck at