ISC partner service – making the most of a great city

Amsterdam is one of the great capitals, renowned as a global trading centre and rich in heritage and culture. Not surprisingly, its unique mix of attractions have drawn visitors from around world for centuries.

Today its narrow cobbled streets with their distinctively Dutch, gable-roofed architecture and delightful canal-side walks remain fascinating places to explore – around every corner, it seems, a great vista and something interesting to visit; a house, church, a gallery, shop, bustling market, bar or café.

At the same time, Amsterdam is a vibrant 21st century city. Reflecting its historic international connections, it today offers an incredibly cosmopolitan variety of cuisines, from traditional Dutch to latest international fusion. Its wealth of entertainment venues offers something for everyone and its exciting and varied nightlife is also another aspect of this modern urban centre renowned the world over.

historical electric streetcarIf you are visiting Amsterdam as an International Softwood Conference partner, you are in for a truly interesting and enjoyable time. And to help you plan and make the very most of your stay the following websites are a good starting point, covering the range of this city’s incredible array of attractions.

Explore Amsterdam



Bars and restaurants

If you would like to visit with other ISC partners, or you require further assistance and advice, Mrs. Anuska Olthof at the Netherlands Timber Trade Association will be happy to help. You can contact her at
Which only leaves us to wish you a wonderful stay in Amsterdam.