ETTF Special Newsletter focuses on Myanmar legality assurance

The Myanmar Special ETTF Newsletter is out now.

The latest special edition of the ETTF Newsletter looks at latest issues concerning Myanmar timber legality assurance and the efforts to improve legality verification and notably proof of origin in order to meet EU Timber Regulation and other market legality requirements by the range of parties involved; the Myanmar government and trade, the FAO-FLEGT Programme, EU authorities, and EU trade, including the ETTF.

It also covers recent EU Competent Authority investigations into allegations that some Myanmar teak imports were in breach of the EU Timber Regulations, ETTF recommendations for all Competent Authorities to adopt a common approach on EU Myanmar imports, and comment from the Environmental Investigation Agency, which produced a critical report on the EU Myanmar trade in autumn 2016. 

Click on the icon below to download your edition of the Myanmar Special Edition. And scroll down to link to key documents mentioned in its various reports.







1. ETTF Secretary General André de Boer's presentation to the EUTF/FLEGT Expert Group (download)



2. ICOMIA's full statement on Myanmar teak 





3. The Myanmar Timber Legality Assurance System Gap Analysis report




4. The PEFC Myanmar Working in Partnership Project 





5. The Myanmar order from the German Competent Authority, BLE





6. An illustration of the DoubleHelix Myanmar log tracking system 





7. MONREC announces reform